Third Book Review in the Mystery Thriller Week

The Semester of Discontent by Cynthia Kuhn Synopsis English professor Lila Maclean is so excited to be working  Stonedale University, that is until she finds one of her colleagues dead.   Lila—or someone she is protecting— is considered a person of interest.  So much so that anyone connected to her is a suspect.  As a … More Third Book Review in the Mystery Thriller Week

Second Book Review in the Mystery Thriller Week

Expired Listings by D.M. Barr Synopsis      The Realtors in Rock Canyon are being killed, the police and especially other Realtors aren’t really that upset about the situation.  After all, there is less completion for them and more commissions.Dana Black is the only one who cares that these people are being killed  especially since … More Second Book Review in the Mystery Thriller Week

Meet Barnaby Hazen

Barnaby Hazen is an author, editor and musician. Driven strongly by collaboration, it seems natural his first venture into writing began with a friend. Seven Eleven Stories periodical took shape in 2014 and just one year later, Seven Eleven Forgotten and Other Stories  debuted with a full-length collection featuring nine strange tales on convenience store … More Meet Barnaby Hazen

Book Review: Misfortunes of T-Funk

Book Review: This is original music from the book: This synopsis is from the press kit that I was sent by the marketing agent: An ensemble sets off on a dark comedy of errors and uncertain conclusions, featuring original music throughout the story. Theo and Judah, two childhood friends, are trying desperately to find … More Book Review: Misfortunes of T-Funk


Author Barnaby Hazen highlights contemporary fiction with musical tracks embedded directly into the pages of his novel TAOS, N.M. — April 2017  — Misfortunes of T-Funk (Apr. 1, 2017) follows two musicians who refuse to quit. The contemporary fiction release from Barnaby Hazen also embeds his own musical tracks directly into the chapters of the … More MISFORTUNES OF T-FUNK A FUNNY, HONEST LOOK INTO THE LIFE OF MUSICIANS

The Middle

Most of the books that I read are mysteries, however I do like women’s fiction and historical novels.  The books do need to have a Christian slant, aka a moral compass.  I don’t really like reading books where the individuals are checking out each other’s body parts and then exploring them in the bedroom.  Not … More The Middle

Cynthia Kuhn

HI Everyone, Cynthia asked me to repost her interview, I hope you enjoy it? Michelle 1.    How old you when you wrote your first story? In elementary school, I wrote and illustrated many stories about friendly aliens. They wore bows on their heads and lived in hourglass-shaped houses on the Planet Eek. I had … More Cynthia Kuhn